transforming giving

People are more connected than ever: there are six billion cell phones in use around the world, charitable giving hit $335 billion in 2013, and nearly one in four people on the planet use social networks.

So what does this mean for global goodwill?

A lot.

When philanthropy and technology intersect they create opportunities for greater impact. Our proactive approach increases exposure for nonprofits while giving readers a trusted channel for taking action the moment they feel compelled to---not later today, not tomorrow, not when prompted by a Facebook challenge. Right now, in real time.

By joining the Bridge2Act nonprofit database, charitable organizations are connected to readers through targeted calls-to-action. This isn’t a handout, it’s a leg up: on cross-platform connection, on community building, on creating change.

Nonprofit organizations who join Bridge2Act will gain:

  • Increased visibility and engagement from new and existing donors
  • Heightened exposure to readers, content producers, and the media
  • Cost-free cross-promotion (Bridge2Act will always pick up the check!)

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