transforming giving

What is bridge2act?

Bridge2Act is a charitable giving platform that enables digital content creators to initiate targeted calls-to-action in whatever they publish, from an article to a Facebook post. We connect readers, vetted nonprofits, and social do-gooders with the goal of driving goodwill to the people and places that need it.


We don’t believe in gifting things. We believe in gifting meaning.  We'll help curate amazing charities that represent your values, and create a custom donation page for you to share with your friends, family, and random internet friends. They give. The nonprofits receive. And impact, in YOUR name, is made. No.Gifts is powered by the Bridge2Act platform. 

WHere is bridge2act located?

Bridge2Act maintains offices in New York City.

When and why was bridge2act founded?

Bridge2Act was founded in 2014 by three friends who were tired of reading about tragedy without being given an outlet to affect change. Learn more about our vision for Bridge2Act and why we’re making it our business to do more good.

how does bridge2act work?

In three simple steps. Consume a piece of content (anything from an article to an Instagram post), click the Bridge2Act link at the bottom of the page, and give back based on the content that calls you into action. That’s it! Bridge2Act is connected to PayPal and your credit card to make tracking donations easy, and it’s linked to social networks so you can share your good deed on every feed. Take a peek at our user-friendly platform to see why it’s turning heads and how it’s changing lives.

HOW DOes bridge2act partner with nonprofits?

Our nonprofit database is comprised of longstanding and emerging organizations, all of whom meet one or more of our thresholds for acceptance. To be included in the Bridge2Act database, nonprofits must:
- Be accredited by the Better Business Bureau, or;
- Garner three or four stars on Charity Navigator, or;
- Hold ratings on GiveWell, or;
- Be vetted by a third-party organization Bridge2Act trusts, such as The Half the Sky Movement and Global Poverty Project
The Bridge2Act nonprofit database model is committed to transparency and flexibility, which is why we give you direct access to our partnership terms while giving young organizations opportunities for increased visibility.

Why is bridge2act a for-profit company?

Doing good and doing business aren’t mutually exclusive, and we’re proving that with Bridge2Act. To provide you with a cutting-edge digital platform for creating impact, we’ve employed the best coders, designers, and strategists to make Bridge2Act as simple, informed, and effective as possible. Innovation often comes at a cost, and instead of leaving you to pay the price tag we’re absorbing as much as we can through our multifaceted business model. Bridge2Act wants to close the gaps in nonprofit fundraising and we believe corporate ideals can help make that happen. A little income to us means big impact for you. The result? Stronger support for charities and a better world for all.

WHY does bridge2act charge a service fee?

Nearly all charitable donations have a cut taken from them, it’s how nonprofits and the companies who back them keep everything running. But where most organizations embed the fee into your donation, setting aside dollars you thought were going to goodwill initiatives for salaries, advertising, and marketing, Bridge2Act maintains total transparency, ensuring that your donation doesn’t get diluted and every cent you spend goes exactly where you want it to. Thanks to our nominal service fee we can safeguard your contribution to ensure that the full donation makes it to the charity of your choice.

What does bridge2act believe in?

You. We’re not on a mission to bend the world to our whim, we just want to give more power to the people. Whether you’re pro-choice or pro-life, Android or iPhone, democrat or republican, our goal is to give you a platform to take action, get involved, and make a difference, no matter what side you sit on.