transforming giving

Digital news outlets face a unique challenge today. As social channels evolve into multidimensional platforms, building communities and breaking stories, news media fights to not just attract readership but proactively engage it.

Bridge2Act offers today’s top digital news outlets the opportunity to compete with socially-centric organizations and brands in a simple but significant way. Tethering awareness to action, Bridge2Act takes news to the next level. Through our partnerships readers are given permission to go beyond the headlines, to live boldly, to make a difference based on the stories they read.

We're not focused on just the major news outlets. We partner with top-tier influencers with engaged online communities who want to do good in the world. 

We believe small actions lead to big change, and Bridge2Act proves that through the donations created and partnerships made.

Publishers who partner with Bridge2Act will gain:

  • A targeted metric for web-based analytics, including site traffic and audience engagement
  • The ability to compete with socially-centric organizations and outlets
  • A new source of passive income
  • The opportunity for increased sharing on connected social platforms

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